The Middle Eastern Student Center (MESC) is the first in the UC system and the first in the nation!


It’s a place to unite in friendship, celebrate Middle Eastern culture with our campus community and find common ground. Ultimately, it’s a place to serve the needs of Middle Eastern students and create an even more inclusive and respectful atmosphere at UCR. We look forward to welcoming you to #MESCUCR!

We assist over 20 Middle Eastern student organizations on campus with programming, leadership development and more! Learn more about our programs and services.


We provide students with a new understanding of the history, culture and traditions unique to the Middle Eastern experience.

We educate the UCR community about historical, cultural, political and religious dynamics that shape the experiences of our Middle Eastern students at UCR. Find out more about our mission.

Our History

Student-Initiated, Student-Centered

Students are at the heart of MESC. From the seed of a vision in 2013, a dedicated group of 14 UCR students developed a proposal and worked with campus administration to make MESC a reality. These students created a space to provide support services for all students with ties to the Middle East and North Africa. Now, the Middle Eastern student community has a closer connection to the activities and resources at UCR, and is a more integral part of UCR’s unique and diverse community.



The Birth of the Middle Eastern Student Center from UC Riverside on Vimeo.