Middle Eastern Center Staff

Tina Aoun


Tina Aoun, Director

Tina Aoun, is a graduate of the University of California, Riverside. As a student, she worked with peers, staff and administration to advocate for the creation of the first-ever Middle Eastern Student Center. She is a founding member of MESC. Tina has a passion for uniting the Middle Eastern community, educating others on the multiculturalism of the Middle East, and advocating for student needs on campus and across the United States.

Student Staff 

MESC thrives off of the support of student staff. Each undergraduate student shows passion, promise and commitment to the values of MESC and the UCR community. Positions include social media management, marketing, community outreach, programming and blog management. Students are under the supervision of the director and are essential to the success of the department. Learn more about student staff positions.