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Middle Eastern Student Center (MESC)

MESC is Your Place for Community!

Welcome to the Middle Eastern Student Center, your Markaz (center) for Education, Support, & Community. From its humble beginnings as a student-founded ethnic and gender program, MESC has developed into a student center that works to educate, support, and build community for those identify as or are interested in the Middle Eastern, Southwest Asian North African (SWANA), and Muslim experiences at UC Riverside. We offers a variety of resources that include!

  • MESCafe - Weekly student-led discussions every Tuesday at 11am
  • Internships - working within the MESC and with other community organizations
  • Support for the MARKAZ Living Learning Community
  • Student Organization funding
  • Student Conference funding
  • Free coffee & tea
  • Free printing
  • Computer services
  • Many other programs and events throughout the year!
Total Programs in 2020-21
Weekly MESCafé Discussions
Southwest Asian North African Ethnic Groups (as defined by UC)
SWANA Students Enrolled
Having a space like MESC is important because growing up, I didn’t have that space in high school so having that space in college feels welcoming and makes you feel like you’re part of a community.
Rania Saber
2nd Year Computer Science
My favorite thing about the MESC is the community. It feels nice being able to have friends and a special connection with people who share the same culture as you. Especially when I was one of the only Middle Easterners in my hometown. Whenever I head towards the MESC it’s always welcoming and fun.
Ali Tabel
3rd Year Mechanical Engineering
My favorite thing about mesc is going in between the gaps in classes because everyone is so friendly and welcoming!
Ayssel Aly
3rd Year Neuroscience
The MESC has created a welcoming environment for me to meet new friends and talk about life beyond academics. I appreciate the MESC for allowing me to go outside of my comfort zone and become more confident in myself!
Eli Malouf
4th Year Biology